Pied Frenchies-An Ultimate Guide 2024

If you’re looking for a playful, affectionate, and adorable furry friend to add to your family, you might want to consider a Pied Frenchies Bulldog. With their distinctive coat patterns and charming personalities, these dogs have become increasingly popular among dog lovers in recent years. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Pied Frenchies can make the perfect companion for your family and everything you should know before adopting one.

What are pied Frenchies?

this image shows the pied frenchies

Pied Frenchies make great family companions for several reasons. Firstly, they are known for their affectionate and friendly nature, making them ideal pet for kids. They love to play and cuddle, which makes them great for families who want an interactive and loyal pet. Additionally, Pied Frenchies are also easy to train, which means they can quickly become a well-behaved member of your household. Lastly, their small size makes them perfect for apartment living, so even if you don’t have a big backyard for them to run around in, they will still be happy and comfortable by your side.

History of French Bulldogs

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  • The French Bulldog was originally developed as a miniature bulldog in the United Kingdom.
  • They were later imported into France and became popular among lace workers and acrobats due to their small size and agility.
  • During the Industrial Revolution, they became popular as companion dogs among wealthy families in France.
  • French Bulldogs were almost extinct during World War I and World War II, but enthusiasts and breeders worked together to preserve and rebuild the breed.
  • Today, they are beloved companion dogs worldwide and are known for their affectionate nature and playful personalities.

Qualities of Pied French Bulldog

  • Pied French bulldogs are affectionate and friendly.
  • They are easy to train and can adapt to living in apartments.
  • They are ideal for smaller spaces and don’t have a high demand for outdoor space.
  • They possess a playful nature and are loyal companions for the entire family.
  • They quickly become beloved members of the household

Characteristics of Pied Frenchies

This image show the Characteristics of Pied Frenchies

Pied Frenchies are known for their unique coat patterns and small size, making them adorable and irresistible. They are great family companions and have a loving and playful nature. With their charming looks and loyal personalities, Pied Frenchies is the perfect addition for families looking for a furry and loyal companion.

  • Pied Frenchies have a unique and adorable appearance
  • They stand out from other French bulldogs due to their coat patterns
  • Their small size and cute wrinkles make them irresistibly charming
  • Owning a Pied Frenchie means having a loving and playful pet
  • They also serve as a stylish accessory for your family
  • Their charming looks and lovable personalities make them the perfect family companion

Why are Pied Frenchies Great for families?

Pied Frenchies, compared to other dog breeds suitable for families, are hypoallergenic, which means they are less likely to cause allergies. They are also known for their gentle and affectionate nature, which makes them great with children and other pets. Additionally, pies are often more compact, making them more suitable for small homes or families with children who have allergies or sensitivities to pet dander.


Other hypoallergenic breeds include Portuguese Water Dogs, Irish Water Spaniels, and Standard Poodles.

These breeds produce lower levels of allergen-inducing dander and saliva, making them more suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to dogs.

Friendly and Sociable Nature of Pied Frenchies

  • Pied Frenchies have a moderate exercise need and can be satisfied with short walks or play sessions indoors.
  • They do not require intense or lengthy exercise sessions, making them suitable for people who live in smaller spaces or have limited mobility.
  • Regular physical activity helps maintain their physical and mental health, preventing them from becoming overweight or developing joint problems. –
  • Short walks or play sessions indoors are sufficient to meet their exercise requirements, ensuring they stay healthy and happy.

Why do they need Low-maintenance and easy care?

This image show pied frenchie need low maintenance

  1. Pied Frenchies have a short, smooth coat that requires minimal grooming and shedding is minimal. –
  2. They are known for their easy-going temperament and are often described as laid-back and low-maintenance.
  3. They enjoy spending time indoors and don’t require extensive exercise, making them suitable for busy families or people who live in smaller spaces. –
  4. Pied Frenchies are typically healthy and can have a long lifespan, averaging 10–12 years, with minimal health issues.
  5. They are intelligent and can be trained easily, reducing the need for extensive training and obedience classes.

Suitable for Apartment Living

Pied Frenchies are great for apartment living because they are friendly, easy to train, and have a fashionable coat pattern.

They make perfect companions for families, especially with kids.

Caring for Your Pied Frenchie

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Pied Frenchies are great family pets because they are affectionate, small-sized, easy to train, and have unique coat patterns. They are perfect for families looking for a playful and low-maintenance pet.

Feeding and Exercise

Pied Frenchies are excellent family pets due to their affectionate nature, friendliness, and ease of training.

Their small size and adaptability make them suitable for living in smaller spaces, while their distinctive coat patterns and cute wrinkles add to their fashionable appeal.

Overall, they make loving, playful, and low-maintenance companions for families.

Grooming and Hygiene

Pied Frenchies are affectionate, friendly, and easy to train, making them great for families.

Their small size and adaptability make them suitable for smaller living spaces, and their unique coat patterns and wrinkles make them stylish pets.

They are also highly intelligent and obedient, providing emotional support and companionship to their owners.

Training and Socialisation of Pied Frenchies

“Looking for a furry and loyal companion for your family? Meet Pied Frenchies, the perfect pet for playful kids and cuddle time.”

Pied Frenchies are highly trainable dogs that respond well to positive reinforcement techniques such as reward-based training and clicker training.

They use their intelligence and eagerness to please nature to quickly learn commands and obey their owners.

By utilizing engaging and interactive training sessions, you can effectively train your Pied Frenchie to be an obedient and well-mannered member of your family.

Finding and Choosing Your Pied Frenchie

When adopting a Pied Frenchie, it is crucial to research reputable breeders in your area to ensure that you get a healthy puppy. Always ask the breeder for health certificates of both parents and the puppy to avoid potential health issues. Additionally, make sure the breeder introduces their puppies to socialization from an early age to ensure that your new family member is comfortable around people and other pets. Finally, look for a puppy with a temperament and energy level that matches your lifestyle to ensure a perfect fit for your family.

Reputable Breeders

When adopting a Pied Frenchie, make sure to find a reputable breeder who cares for the welfare of their animals. Avoid breeders who prioritize profit over proper care. Ask for references, visit the facility, meet the parent dogs, and inquire about health certificates.

Adoption and Rescue Options

If you’re looking to add a pied Frenchie to your family, consider checking your local animal shelter or rescue organization. Adopting a dog can often be less expensive than purchasing one from a breeder, and you’ll also be giving a loving home to an animal in need. Plus, many rescues will have already trained their dogs, which can save you time and effort in the training process. Not only is adopting a pied Frenchie fulfilling, but it also helps to reduce the number of dogs in shelters and rescues.

Choosing the Right Puppy for Your Family

When choosing a pied Frenchie, consider the size of your living space, the compatibility with children and other pets, your work schedule, and the energy level of the dog. Taking these factors into account will help ensure a successful decision.

Blue-Fawn Pied French Bulldog

this image shows the Blue-Fawn Pied French Bulldog

Family companions like blue fawn-pied Frenchies are ideal for many reasons. Due to their friendly nature and adaptability, they are ideal for apartment living and are easy to train, making them a great choice for families living in urban areas. They are also easy to care for, which makes them well-behaved. Aside from being adorable and unique, their coat patterns make them fashionable accessories. Pied Frenchies are a perfect low-maintenance, affectionate, and playful pet for families.

Specification of Blue-Fawn Pied French Bulldog

  • Friendly and sociable nature
  • Easy to get along with
  • Low-maintenance and adaptable
  • Suitable for apartment living
  • Easy to train
  • Adorable and unique coat patterns

Brindle Pied French Bulldog

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brinfle Pied Frenchies have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique coloring, setting them apart from other Frenchies. But, their charm goes beyond their looks. These dogs are known for being loyal and affectionate companions, always eager to spend time with humans. With their playful personalities, they are sure to bring joy and laughter to any household lucky enough to have them.

Specification of brindle pied French bulldog

  • Brindle Pied French bulldogs are a rare and unique breed with their brindle coat and piebald pattern.
  • They have affectionate and playful personalities, making them great companions for individuals and families.
  • These dogs are known for their loyalty and bond closely with their owners, forming deep emotional connections.
  • Brindle Pied French bulldogs have a compact and muscular build, with distinctive bat-like ears and lively expressions.
  • They are generally healthy and can have an average lifespan of 10-12 years, providing long years of love and companionship to their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a pied Frenchie worth?

A TomKings Blue Pied French Bulldog boy puppy will typically cost between 4690-5490 USD and a girl puppy will cost between 4990-5990 USD depending on the gender, age, breeder, and location of the dog.

Other color variations in French Bulldogs include Brindle, which can range from 2000-4500 USD, Cream, which can fetch a price between 3000-5000 USD, and Fawn, which has an average price tag of 2000-3500 USD.

What is a pied French Bulldog?

Mostly white with large colored patches on different parts of the body, a Pied Frenchie is a type of French Bulldog. Color patches on a pied Frenchie must be clear on the back, eyes, ears, and neck. At least 50% of the coat of a pied Frenchie is white.

Pied French bulldogs are colored black, brown, tan, and cream. These colors can show up on various parts of the body, such as the main body, face, ears, and legs, resulting in a unique and eye-catching appearance.

What is the rarest color Frenchie?

A blue merle French Bulldog is probably the most rare color of all. Other colors include lilac, blue, and chocolate & tan.

While blue merle French Bulldogs are considered rare, they are still not as rare as other color variations such as lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan. Merle coats are relatively rare in French Bulldogs. However, blue merles, with their combination of blue coat and merle pattern, are exceptional in their rarity.

Are pied French bulldogs more expensive?

Additionally, certain coat patterns, such as the pied, merle, and brindle, will also cost more, as well as female French bulldogs, as well as those with blue eyes. French bulldog market watch prices

  1. $2,000 – $4,000: Sable French Bulldogs
  2. $2,500 – $5,000: Pied French Bulldogs
  3. $3,000 – $6,000: Merle French Bulldogs
  4. $3,500 – $7,000: Brindle French Bulldogs
  5. $4,000 – $8,000: blue-eyed French Bulldogs


In conclusion, Pied Frenchies are the ideal companion for families looking for a low-maintenance, loving, and sociable pet. They are suitable for apartment living, easy to train, and adaptable to their environment. Additionally, their unique coat patterns make them fashionable accessories for families that want to stand out. When considering adoption, it is critical to choose a reputable breeder or consider adoption options that prioritize the welfare of the animal. Adopting a Pied Frenchie can be a fulfilling experience, making a loving home for an animal in need and bringing joy and happiness to your family.

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