10 Best toys for dogs that Chew Through Everything

If you have a canine companion that seems to have a knack for turning everything into a chew toy, you’re not alone. Many dog owners face the challenge of finding toys that can withstand their furry friend’s strong jaws and relentless chewing habits. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best toys for dogs that chew through everything. Whether your pup is a power chewer or simply loves to gnaw on things, our recommendations are sure to keep them entertained while protecting your belongings.

Best Chew Toys for Dogs Who Destroy Everything: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Chew Toys for Dogs Who Destroy Everything

1. Tough Rubber Toys with Textured Surfaces

One of the top choices for dogs that destroy everything are tough rubber toys with textured surfaces. These toys provide excellent durability and give your dog something satisfying to chew on.

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  • Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, and tough rubber material
  • Textured surface for dental benefits
  • Suitable for interactive fetch and play sessions
  • Floats in water for added fun during water play


Customers praise the Durable Chew Ball for its exceptional durability and its ability to withstand even the most aggressive chewers. The textured surface effectively reduces tartar buildup, promoting good dental health. While some larger dogs might find it easy to carry, the overall performance and benefits make it an excellent choice.


  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Helps improve dental hygiene
  • Versatile for different play scenarios
  • Eco-friendly and safe for pets


  • Might be slightly heavy for smaller dogs
  • A bit pricey compared to other toys

2. Rope Toys with Knots

Rope toys are not only great for playing fetch but also serve as fantastic chew toys. Opt for rope toys with knots as they offer different textures and make for excellent dental cleaners.

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How to Use:

  • Introduce the Franklin Pet Supply Natural Rope Dog Toys to your dog and allow them to get familiar with the toys.
  • Use the rope toys for fetch games, tossing them for your dog to retrieve.
  • Engage in a game of tug of war with your dog, making sure to let them win occasionally to keep it fun.
  • If you have a teething puppy, offer the rope toys as a chew toy to provide relief for their sore gums.
  • Rotate the toys to keep your dog’s interest and prevent boredom.


  • A versatile pack with four different rope toys
  • Made from durable and natural materials
  • Suitable for fetch, tug of war, and teething play
  • Provides mental stimulation and physical exercise
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages


  • Some dogs may chew through the rope toys over time, so regular inspection is recommended.

3. Nylon Bones

Nylon bones are a hit among power chewers as they are sturdy and can endure intense chewing sessions. These bones are available in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for all dog breeds.

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The Nylabone Moderate Chill & Chew Toy is an excellent choice for small dogs who love a little extra chill during playtime. This chicken-flavored toy is crafted to provide a satisfying chewing experience while also soothing your pup’s gums. Its unique shape and texture help remove tartar and plaque, promoting better dental health. The moderate size is perfect for small dogs, and the delicious chicken flavor will keep them entertained for hours.

Key Features:

  • Chicken flavor to entice picky eaters
  • Moderate size for small dogs
  • Textured surface for dental benefits
  • Soothes teething discomfort


  • Engaging playtime for your small dog
  • Dental benefits to improve oral health
  • Can help reduce unwanted chewing behavior
  • Great for teething puppies


  • Some aggressive chewers may need supervision

4. Kong Toys

Kong toys are a classic choice for dogs who love to chew. These toys are made of durable rubber and often come with treat dispensers, adding an extra layer of engagement for your pup.

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5. Antler Chews

For a natural and long-lasting chewing experience, antler chews are an excellent option. These chews come from naturally shed antlers and provide a safe and satisfying chewing alternative. Look for LSI Keywords like “antler dog chews” and “deer antlers for dogs” when searching for these toys.

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  • All-natural and free from additives
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Promotes dental hygiene
  • Provides essential nutrients for your pet


  • May not be suitable for dogs with severe dental issues
  • Some dogs may lose interest over time

6. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys challenge your dog’s mind while providing a chewing outlet. These toys often have hidden compartments or treat dispensers that keep your dog engaged for longer periods.

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  • Engaging and mentally stimulating
  • Suitable for intermediate-level dogs
  • Helps reduce boredom and destructive behavior
  • Enhances cognitive skills and focus


  • Not suitable for dogs with advanced puzzle-solving skills
  • Some dogs might lose interest after repeated use

7. Squeaky Toys with Reinforced Stitching

If your dog loves squeaky toys but tends to destroy them quickly, consider toys with reinforced stitching. These toys have extra layers of fabric, making them more durable for aggressive chewers.

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  • Enhanced durability with reinforced stitching
  • Entertaining squeaking sound triggers natural instincts
  • Various shapes and sizes to suit different dogs
  • Promotes interactive play and bonding time


  • Some dogs may lose interest in the squeaker over time
  • Not suitable for dogs with a history of aggressive chewing

8. Firehose Toys

Firehose toys are made from durable materials used in firefighting equipment, making them tough and resilient against powerful chewers.

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  • Enhanced durability with reinforced stitching
  • Entertaining squeaking sound triggers natural instincts
  • Various shapes and sizes to suit different dogs
  • Promotes interactive play and bonding time


  • Some dogs may lose interest in the squeaker over time
  • Not suitable for dogs with a history of aggressive chewing

9. Dental Chew Toys

Dental chew toys serve a dual purpose: satisfying your dog’s urge to chew and promoting dental health. These toys often have ridges and nubs that help clean your dog’s teeth and gums.

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  • Multiple squeakers for unstoppable fun
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Soft and cuddly for comfort
  • Suitable size for large dogs


  • Not recommended for dogs with a history of swallowing toy pieces
  • Some dogs may lose interest in the squeaking over time

10. Treat Dispensing Balls

Treat dispensing balls are a fantastic way to engage your dog while rewarding them with treats. These toys encourage problem-solving and prevent boredom-induced destructive behavior. Look for LSI Keywords such as “treat-dispensing dog toys” and “interactive ball toys for dogs” during your search.

11. Ball Launchers

For dogs who love to chase and fetch, ball launchers are a great investment. These devices allow you to throw the ball long distances without straining your arm, providing endless fun for your energetic pup.

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Treat Dispensing Balls have gained immense popularity among pet owners due to their versatility and benefits. They keep dogs mentally and physically engaged while providing a rewarding experience through treat dispensing. The adjustable difficulty levels make them suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, ensuring a delightful playtime for every furry friend.


  • Interactive treat dispensing for engaging play
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Adjustable difficulty levels for various dogs
  • Durable and safe materials for long-lasting use


  • Some dogs may become possessive of the ball during treat play
  • Treat size must be suitable for the treat holes to prevent blockage

fequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the most durable chew toy for a dog?

This question is asking for a recommendation on a chew toy that can withstand a dog’s strong chewing behavior. Durable chew toys are designed to withstand the pressure and abrasion caused by dogs chewing on them. They are typically made from tough materials like rubber, nylon, or heavy-duty plastics. Popular options include brands like Kong, Nylabone, and GoughNuts, which offer a range of durable toys suitable for various sizes and breeds of dogs.

Is there a chew toy that my dog can’t destroy?

This question seeks information about a chew toy that is virtually indestructible, as some dogs have a talent for destroying even the toughest toys. While there is no absolute guarantee that a dog won’t destroy a toy, there are certain toys built to withstand aggressive chewers. Look for toys labeled as “indestructible” or “extremely durable,” and consider toys made from solid rubber or those specifically designed for heavy chewers.

What are the best toys for dogs with sharp teeth?

This question is inquiring about toys that are suitable for dogs with sharp teeth, which can lead to quicker wear and tear on toys. For dogs with sharp teeth, it’s essential to choose toys made from robust materials and designed to endure their biting tendencies. Rope toys, rubber toys, and certain plush toys with reinforced seams might be good options. Also, consider dental toys that help clean teeth while being strong enough for sharp chewers.

What to get a dog that destroys everything?

This question addresses the challenge of finding toys for a dog that has a habit of destroying toys quickly. Dogs with strong chewing instincts or separation anxiety might be prone to tearing apart toys. For such dogs, focus on toys designed for heavy chewers, like those made from tough rubber or nylon. Puzzle toys and interactive toys can also help engage their minds and reduce destructive behavior by keeping them occupied.

Are there any chew toys that are completely indestructible?

A: While no chew toy is truly indestructible, some toys made from tough rubber or nylon can withstand aggressive chewing and last longer than traditional toys.

Q:How can I determine if a chew toy is safe for my dog?

A: When choosing a chew toy, ensure it is an appropriate size for your dog to prevent choking hazards. Additionally, opt for toys made from non-toxic materials and avoid small parts that your dog could swallow.

Q: What are the benefits of using treat-dispensing chew toys?

A: Treat-dispensing chew toys provide mental stimulation for your dog, keep them entertained, and reward them for playing, which can be especially helpful during training.

Q: Can chew toys help with my dog’s dental health?

A: Yes, dental chew toys with ridges and nubs can help clean your dog’s teeth and reduce plaque buildup, contributing to better oral hygiene.

Q: My dog is a power chewer; how do I find toys that will last?

A: Look for toys specifically designed for power chewers, such as those made from durable materials like rubber or nylon. Avoid toys with small parts that can be easily torn off.

Q: How often should I replace my dog’s chew toys?

A: The frequency of replacing chew toys depends on your dog’s chewing habits and the durability of the toy. Inspect the toy regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace it when it becomes damaged.


Finding the best chew toys for dogs who destroy everything may seem like a challenging task, but with the right knowledge and options, you can keep your pup engaged and happy while safeguarding your belongings. Remember to consider your dog’s size, chewing habits, and preferences when selecting a toy. With the wide range of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect chew toy that will stand up to your dog’s powerful jaws and provide hours of entertainment and satisfaction.

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